Carpets and Pets

So what carpet is best to buy when you have pets – usually for dogs and cats, not so much for goldfish or budgies.

The first thing you think of is, pets make messes, why buy a carpet if we have to keep cleaning up after the pet. So much cleaning up, so often, is not going to be unnoticeable in a carpet. But we want a carpet because it is soft, cosy, warm and comfortable. We love our pets, and they make such a difference in our lives. We want to do the best for them. Our doggies and kitties who spend time indoors are looking for comfort. If we try to be practical and choose to have hardwood floors or tiles, which are reasonably easy to clean, we are creating a problem for our fur babies’ little feet and legs. We humans who have to spend time standing on hard floors can commiserate. We like a soft life too.

Those little pets spend a lot of their time lying on the floor, and the little darlings certainly look comfortable. Maybe a lot of us would find happiness and peace if we join them on the carpet. Carpet also absorbs noise, especially the little tap tap tap of your fur baby’s little toenails.

You might wonder if the carpet is absorbing pet dander and other dust which can cause allergies and affect lung health. There is expert advice from a North American Allergy Foundation which has studied this problem, and they declare that wall-to-wall carpet traps allergens, which you can then vacuum out, as long as you vacuum often and also deep clean regularly.   

Here is some good advice on what type of carpeting you should select. Wool is a natural fibre, is softer and luxurious, fire retardant, and expensive, compared to synthetic fibres. Synthetic is more stain resistant than wool. Nylon is most popular, durable, affordable, stain-resistant, and most recommended for homes with pets (and kids, by the way).

Notwithstanding what has gone before, there are some carpets designed specifically to stop pet stains soaking in to the carpet. The moisture could mean bacteria and mould will grow in your carpet, and it goes without saying that this can affect the health of anyone, human, animal or avian.  This resistant carpet could solve those problems.

Carpet tiles are still around. They are a good idea. Consider tiles which can be replaced if they are badly damaged. Just make sure that Fido doesn’t get hold of the edge of the tile and have lots of fun pulling on it.

Your choice of colour or pattern can better hide pet hair compared to other colours. This is another idea when choosing carpet.

Make sure to tell the retailer that there are pets, so they can advise on various types of carpet which would suit your purpose.

And at the end of the day, when the carpet is laid and everyone is enjoying it, remember that to keep the carpet looking this good, it needs to be deep cleaned by professional carpet cleaning experts on a regular basis.

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