Organising the mess in your garage

You are not alone. The garage is where the car lives, but usually we don’t spend a lot of time there. We pass through the garage. So the garage is where we put things that we don’t want in the house. And because we don’t have to look at it very often, it just piles up and eventually becomes a mess.

When you’ve grown tired of tripping over the clutter in your garage, it is time to do something about it. Do some planning. Work out what can be culled and what must be kept. Set aside some areas where you can sort out your chaos. It may be better to do this on a fine day, for obvious reasons. Put all the bikes, scooters, skate boards etc in one pile. Other areas can receive your sports equipment, another for tools, gardening, another for toys, ….. whatever your household needs to store. It would be a good idea to keep related equipment together. Then you know exactly where to look for them, rather than rummage over the whole garage. Consider storage options, such as shelving, cupboards, hooks and hangers. Maybe spend some time in the hardware store storage section, and see what it easily available and how it can be used to deal with your particular needs. Remember of course how much space you have.

Consider high storage, so that the car can be parked underneath. Does the garage have rafters? Use them – ladders, surf boards and the ilk can be put up out of the way. Tools can go on hooks in a pegboard, or small tools on a magnetic strip. If you have relegated an old piece of furniture to the garage, put it to good use as a storage space. Make sure that whatever storage systems you use, will still allow room for your vehicle with its doors open. You need enough space to walk around the car. If you have closed cabinet storage, you also need to allow space for their doors to open, so they don’t bump into the car.

Keep things that you will use. Maybe not every day, or every month, but once in a while. But they can be stored on the high shelves, in the back corner. Don’t keep it “in case” you will use it, keep it because you “will” use it. “In case” is not a good reason to keep something. And don’t think you must keep something useless just because someone gave it as a present. Move it on.

One of your sorting piles should be dedicated to the things you can live without. Broken toys, old books/magazines/newspapers, legless chairs, the box the washing machine came in …. You really won’t use it again. If there are things you can do without, but they are still in good condition, someone else may be able to use them. Ask around. Check with a charity. RECYCLE.

But if you find that there is more in the RUBBISH pile than in the RECYCLE pile, you can call in the assistance of a rubbish removal company to cart it all away. They might take away the recycle pile as well, as they know the best ways to deal with those goods.

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