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Avoid these costly guttering cleaning mistakes.

‘Yes, alright! Gutter Cleaning! Woo hoo! I can’t wait to clean my gutters!’ are words you will hear no one say ever in the history of the world. It’s dirty, it’s disgusting, you’re digging around in gutters cleaning out wet, muddy muck on a ladder high above the ground. No one wants to do it.

But, as people have said, repeatedly, over the course of history, ‘prevention is better than the cure’.

If you don’t clean your gutters, water becomes blocked up. Eventually, even in a normal rain event, the water will overflow the gutters and pool either on your roof or at your home’s foundations. Neither are good options, as water can cause expensive problems for both roof and foundation if left unchecked.

As unfun as it is, cleaning your gutters saves time and a lot of money later on. So, to avoid costly future repairs, avoid these mistakes:

Wait until the gutters are full before doing anything about them.

There’s another saying the people have repeatedly said that’s very appropriate to this situation: It’s ‘closing the door after the horse has bolted’. This one ‘cleaning the gutters only when they are full of water’ will probably never be as popular, but the meaning is the same.

It is too late to begin cleaning gutters when you notice they are full of water. Water has likely already trickled into the areas of your roof and eaves where you don’t want it to go, and is already beginning to cause damage.

Don’t bother checking your gutters after heavy winds and massive storms.

By all means, wait for the storm to be over, of course. Let’s not be stupid, but after the storm has gone by, just have a quick look at your gutters to see that everything is ok. If a problem has occurred, and parts of your gutter or roof have sustained damaged, waiting will only cause the problems to increase. Your gutters do not heal like your skin does. They just get worse and worse as time goes by.

Hire the cheapest gutter cleaners?

Price is not the be all and end all when it comes to hiring companies. Sure, we want to save money and the cheapest offer is always tempting, but there might be a very good reason such companies are so cheap. Cheapness does not equally quality. Cheapness doesn’t mean they are doing a full job. A cheap price is often just skin deep. They are designed to make you notice them, but the fine print on the price reveals that the job doesn’t do all that you want it to do.

Instead, go to a company that has a good reputation. What other people say about a company is often more reliable than what a company says about themselves.

Trust Implicitly In Gutter Guards.

Gutter guards are part solutions to the problem of blocked gutters. They can help lower the issue, but not eradicate it entirely. Some guards stop leaves and larger objects getting through, but still allow dirt and smaller objects through. Those guards that don’t have UV protections will fail and collapse very quickly. The gutter guards also make it very difficult for you to check whether there are any problems like rust and corrosion in the gutters.

Ultimately, the best solution seems to be finding a gutter cleaning company you can trust. They’ve been doing these jobs for a long time, and know precisely what they are looking for.