What Are The Best Ways To Clean Your House

I know what most of you are thinking when we say the words ‘clean your house’, but we’re not talking about vacuuming the floors, and picking up your kids’ mess. I’m talking about the outsides, the exterior walls and surfaces of your house.

Your exteriors can be made up of a number of different types of surfaces. Some exteriors are made from brick, others wood, stucco or stone.

These different exteriors require different types of cleaning. And I’m not talking about taking out your garden house. Your hose doesn’t have enough grunt to do the kind of cleaning that your exteriors need, even if you put your thumb over the end of the nozzle to increase the water’s intensity.

All Hail The Pressure Water Jet

Your exteriors spend a lot of time outside. Well, of course they do, it’s part of the name, but the outside has a lot of different elements trying to do damage to your exterior. There’s the sun beating down, the wind-blow dust pelting it from all angles, insects, and birds and other animals all doing their best to make the exterior surface’s life – if it had one – a living hell. Dirt, mould and mildew forms, and then grows and spreads, and your exteriors, once pristine and your pride and joy, now look like a set from a Tim Burton movie.

A high pressure water jet is the easiest way to clean off all that stuff. And it’s kind of fun, being in control of all that power. It kind of makes you want to throw mud at your own house, just so you can  clean it off.

However, don’t go down to your local hardware store looking for a pressure water jet to buy or rent, or filling up that big bucket of mud.

That is because …

Not All Exterior House Surfaces Can Handle High Pressure Water Cleaning.

Bum bum BUMMMM!

The water pressure those jets are capable of is 200 times the normal pressure of the atmosphere. You could cause yourself serious injury if you pointed it at your own feet. Each of the water droplets are so fine and being ejected at such velocity, they are all like tine pickaxes chipping away at everything they touch.

Stone and brick surfaces will handle this just fine. Other surfaces? Not so much …

Take your painted wooden exterior surfaces, for example; now if you didn’t really care for the paint colour of your exterior, then a high pressure clean might be just the ticket, because it’ll scrape the colour right off.

Is There An Alternative To High Pressure Water Cleaning?

Why, yes, there is, thank you for asking.

There is something called the Soft Wash process. With this process, Instead of water at high pressure chiselling all the dirt, grime and self-inflicted buckets of mud off the exterior, environmentally friendly chemicals are used to break that stuff down so that a low pressure, friendly water wash can rinse everything away.

But here’s the catch.

The catch is, since this process requires the appropriate use of chemicals in the correct variations, you should probably get professional pressure cleaners in to perform the process.

And even if the exterior surface can handle a high pressure clean, it’s still probably best to get a professional to do that as well, particularly if you have a tendency to be overly curious in wanting to see just how strong 200 atmospheric pressure is on your fingers. Curiosity killed the cat, but, in this case, stupidity could cut your fingers off.

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